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Hey, Guys

I started Developing a 1:1 2D Remake of Majora┬┤s Mask

The Current Devbuild isnt much but at last it is something

- It features a Bad looking Titlescreen that will be redone later, Most sounds are still missing
- The upper part of South Clocktown, because i didnt draw enough textures so far
- Another Bad looking Deku link that will also be redone later its just for the purpose having a Char while coding
- 30% of the HUD
- A working map editor

The Finished Project will have the full 3 Day cicle 1:1 NPCs and Quests the only limit is that you can never Leave Clocktown (Maybe I will Extend the Project when its done but just maybe)

Current Devbuild 0.4

Next Version will have more of South Clocktown
And a improved TitleScreen + Maybe some more SFX

Thanks for Reading

Majoras Mask Clocktown 2D remake

Got new acc!!!

2011-10-14 12:11:17 by Evilstriker

Hated my old name so got an new one :D
so here it is

bye guys who read this^^